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If your Volkswagen has an Anti Roll Bar problem, it can greatly reduce the vehicle’s handling and maneuverability. This means that if you take a corner or make a sharp turn, the car could roll over or fishtail, which is incredibly dangerous. This can also affect your car’s braking ability; when you step on the brakes, the car may not respond as it should, resulting in increased stopping distances, which can be especially dangerous if you are driving at high speeds. Finally, an Anti Roll Bar problem can increase body sway, making it difficult to control the car. All these factors can greatly increase the risk of serious accidents and injury.

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What is a Volkswagen Anti Roll Bar?

A Volkswagen Anti Roll Bar is a part of the suspension system on your vehicle. It helps reduce the amount of body roll when turning and provides an overall smoother and safer ride.

How do I know if my Anti Roll Bar needs to be repaired?

If your car is swaying excessively when you’re turning corners or your steering wheel is shaking, then it is likely that your Anti Roll Bar needs to be repaired. You should bring your car to our garage for a professional to inspect it and give you an accurate diagnosis.

What are signs of an Anti Roll Bar issue?

Signs of an Anti Roll Bar issue include poor handling, increased body roll and increased tyre wear. You may also hear a knocking sound when cornering.

How much does it cost to repair an Anti Roll Bar?

It depends on the extent of the damage and the parts that need to be replaced. Generally, it costs around RM300 to RM500 to repair an Anti Roll Bar.

What will happen if I don't repair the Anti Roll Bar?

If you don’t repair the Anti Roll Bar, it can affect the car’s handling when taking turns. It can also lead to an increased risk of rollover in extreme situations.

Is there a warranty for Anti Roll Bar repairs?

Yes, any repairs to your anti-roll bar will be covered by the warranty, ensuring you are provided with professional service.