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Risk Warning

The primary risk associated with driving a Volkswagen car with a centre console problem is that it can impair their ability to safely operate the vehicle. The centre console contains important vehicle functions such as the climate control, radio, and navigation system. If the centre console malfunctions, it can be difficult for the driver to adjust any of these systems and may result in a dangerous situation if the driver needs to make a sudden adjustment to the climate, radio, or navigation system. Additionally, the centre console is a main hub for the vehicle’s security systems, such as the locking and unlocking mechanisms. If the centre console is not functioning properly, this could impede the driver’s ability to lock and unlock the doors, or even start the car. This could be hazardous for the driver, as well as anyone in the vehicle.

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Are you having issues with your Centre Console? Look no further! Volks Maniac Garage is here to help. We understand the inconvenience and danger of having an unresponsive, glitchy centre console. That’s why we offer a comprehensive range of services that cover Centre Console repairs, replacements, and upgrades.


What parts make up the Volkswagen Centre Console?

The Volkswagen Centre Console includes the steering wheel, dashboard, centre instrument panel, air-conditioning vents, glove box, audio system, power window switches, and cup holders.

Can I repair the centre console myself?

No, it is best to leave the repair of the centre console to a qualified technician at a Volkswagen repair shop like Volks Maniac Garage. We have the expertise, knowledge, and specialized tools needed to complete the repair safely and efficiently.

Can I buy a new Centre Console for my VW?

Yes, you can buy a new center console for your VW. We have a variety of consoles available in our shop.

How much does a Centre Console repair cost?

At Volks Maniac Garage, a Centre Console repair generally costs between RM100 and RM150, depending on the complexity of the issue.

What should I do if my Volkswagen Centre Console needs replacement?

If your Volkswagen Centre Console needs replacement, the best thing to do is take your car to our garage. We will assess the console, explain the replacement process and cost, and then get the job done for you.

What tools do I need for a Volkswagen Centre Console repair?

You will need a screwdriver, electrical tape, and a replacement centre console for the repair.