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The most significant risk of driving a Volkswagen vehicle with a Fender Cover problem is that the cover itself may become damaged or displaced, exposing your vehicle to potential damage. This damage may include dents, scratches, and abrasions to the vehicle’s body. It could also result in a decrease in aerodynamic efficiency, reducing the performance of the engine. Further, it could allow water, dirt, and other debris to enter the engine bay, which could lead to problems with the electrical and mechanical components over time. Additionally, the exposed metal of the fender could rust and deteriorate over time if not properly treated. So it is important to have the fender cover checked and repaired as soon as possible.

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Do you have a Volkswagon with a broken fender cover? You may be tempted to look for an unprofessional repair shop – but don’t! It’s not worth the risk of choosing a shop without the correct experience. At Volks Maniac Garage, we understand that a broken fender cover can be a major inconvenience, and can lead to costly repairs if not done correctly. That’s why we offer a free diagnosis for any fender cover repair – you don’t pay until we diagnose the problem, and you deserve to know the exact cost involved up front.


What type of material is used to repair a Volkswagen fender cover?

The material used to repair a Volkswagen fender cover would depend on the specific repair needed. In general, the common types of materials used include body filler, sandpaper, and primer.

How quickly can a Volkswagen fender cover be repaired?

It usually takes 1 to 2 hours to fix a Volkswagen fender cover.

Does the Volkswagen fender cover need to be removed for repair?

Yes, the Volkswagen fender must be removed for repair.

What is the cost of repairing Volkswagen fender cover?

The cost of repairing a Volkswagen fender cover depends on the severity of the damage and the type of material used. The average cost is between RM800 to RM1200.

What types of services are available to repair Volkswagen fender cover?

At Volks Maniac Garage, we offer several services to repair Volkswagen fender covers, such as replacement of broken fender covers, paint job and trimming of inner fender liners. We also provide detailing services to clean and polish the outer fenders.

Is it possible to buy a new Volkswagen fender cover instead of repairing the old one?

Yes, it is possible to buy a new fender cover for your Volkswagen. We have a variety of options available in the shop and our experts can help guide you in selecting the best choice for your car.