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Driving a Volkswagen car with an upper arm problem can be extremely dangerous for both you and your passengers as it can affect the steering of the vehicle. The upper arm is a part of the steering system which helps to control the direction of the vehicle. If this component fails, you may no longer be able to turn the steering wheel in the correct direction, which could lead to an accident or other dangerous situation. Additionally, due to a malfunction in the upper arm, the car may become difficult to maneuver, which could also lead to an accident. Therefore, it is important to have this component repaired as soon as possible in order to ensure the safety of all passengers while driving.

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Welcome to Volks Maniac Garage, the premier Volkswagen repair shop in Shah Alam. Are you here because you are experiencing problems with your upper arm? Well, fear not, because you’ve come to the right place! We understand the importance of proper upper arm repairs, as it is essential for the entire suspension system to be functioning correctly. The main issue that comes from improper upper arm repair is that it can cause steering and control issues, as well as excessive wear on other parts of the system, due to the increased load on other components. That is why it is essential for a professional to take care of your Upper Arm repair, and when it comes to repair, you can trust us – because at Volks Maniac Garage we have the expertise, experience and necessary tools to ensure that your upper arm repair is done correctly.


What is a Volkswagen upper arm?

A Volkswagen upper arm is a suspension component that connects the wheel hub to the wheel’s suspension. It helps absorb road vibration and bumps to provide a smoother ride.

What causes a Volkswagen upper arm to become damaged?

The upper arm of a Volkswagen can become damaged due to a range of issues, including wear and tear from excessive use of the car, accident damage, corrosion, and a worn-out ball joint.

What are the signs of a damaged Volkswagen upper arm?

Signs of a damaged Volkswagen upper arm include knocking sounds when turning the steering wheel, excessive play in the steering wheel, uneven tire wear, and misalignment of the front wheels.

How do you repair a Volkswagen upper arm?

At Volks Maniac Garage, we typically start by examining the upper arm for any signs of damage such as tears, cracks, or worn out bushings. If any damage is found, we will then remove the upper arm to replace it with a new unit. Then we will mount the new upper arm to the knuckle, install the upper arm bushings, and then connect the tie rod ends. Lastly, we’ll make sure the upper arm is aligned properly and check for any leaks or other issues.

What are the benefits of repairing a Volkswagen upper arm?

Repairing a Volkswagen upper arm has several benefits, including increasing the lifespan of the part, improving alignment of the steering and suspension, and restoring the vehicle’s original handling performance.

How long does it take to repair a Volkswagen upper arm?

It takes around 2-3 hours to repair a Volkswagen upper arm depending on the complexity of the task.