Lower Arm Bush


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Risking driving a Volkswagen car with a Lower Arm Bush problem can lead to a range of potentially serious issues.

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The lower arm bush is an important component of the suspension system in a car. Without it, your car will not drive smoothly, and you might even be in danger. Unfortunately, this is an often overlooked part of the suspension system, which can lead to a number of issues if not inspected or repaired properly.


What causes a broken volkswagen Lower Arm Bush?

A broken Volkswagen Lower Arm Bush is generally caused by normal wear and tear, such as when driving over rough terrain or hitting a pothole. If a vehicle has been driven for a long period of time without having its parts replaced, it is more likely to experience a broken Lower Arm Bush.

How long will a Lower Arm Bush repair take?

The Lower Arm Bush repair should take about an hour to complete.

What is the cost of replacing or repairing the Lower Arm Bush?

Replacing or repairing the Lower Arm Bush will cost approximately RM200-RM400, depending on the parts and labour used.

What type of tools are required for Lower Arm Bush repair?

For Lower Arm Bush repair, you will need a hydraulic jack, a jack-stand, a set of wrenches and sockets of different sizes, a rubber mallet, and a torque wrench.

Will a Lower Arm Bush repair affect the car's performance?

No, the Lower Arm Bush repair would not have an effect on the car’s performance. It is a relatively minor repair and should only affect the comfort and control you have while driving.

Should I replace or repair the Lower Arm Bush?

If you are facing any problems with the performance of your vehicle then it is advisable to replace the Lower Arm Bush instead of repairing it. This is because it is a difficult part to repair and in most cases, it is more cost-effective to replace it.