Timing Chain Tensioner


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The timing chain tensioner is a critical part of your vehicle’s engine. When it fails, it can cause serious damage to your engine, as well as reduce performance and fuel efficiency. It is important to replace or repair the timing chain tensioner as soon as possible to avoid major problems down the road.

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What is a Timing Chain Tensioner?

A Timing Chain Tensioner is a mechanical device that is used to apply tension on the timing chain and keep it tight to ensure smooth running of the engine. It helps maintain the correct timing of different internal components in an engine and prevent the timing chain from sagging or breaking.

What are some common signs of a broken Timing Chain Tensioner?

Common signs of a broken Timing Chain Tensioner includes engine misfiring, unusually loud engine noise, rattling sound from the front of the engine, decrease in engine performance, and illumination of the check engine light.

Can I replace the Timing Chain Tensioner by myself?

No, replacing the Timing Chain Tensioner requires special tools and expertise. It is best left to professional technicians at Volks Maniac Garage.

How much does Timing Chain Tensioner repair typically cost?

Timing Chain Tensioner repair typically costs between RM 210 and RM 610 depending on the type of car and the amount of labour involved.

How long does the repair take?

The length of the repair will depend on the type of repair needed. Generally it takes a few days to a week for most repairs, however complex repairs can take longer.

Is it safe to drive with a broken Timing Chain Tensioner?

It is not safe to drive with a broken Timing Chain Tensioner. The Timing Chain Tensioner is an important component that prevents the chain from jumping or skipping teeth while running, which can cause fatal engine damage. If the Timing Chain Tensioner is broken, the engine could fail and you could face potential roadside emergencies.